augarten vienna and its flak towers

for over one year i am living very close to viennas augarten, unfortunately my visits are rare, so this morning i decided to go  there for a walk. two of the 6 flak towers in vienna are located in the augarten (they are a leftover from word war two), they make this place unique and today’s weather and atmosphere were great to take some black & white photos of them.

8 thoughts on “augarten vienna and its flak towers

  1. Very interesting. I did a bit of googling to learn more about these flak towers. It must be quite interesting to walk about this public park full of wonderfully landscaped lawns and old buildings and have these two concrete towers contrasting drastically with the landscape around it.

    • yeah, was awesome to be there yesterday, the grey and cold weather and the towers were perfect in this mood :) i’m planning to go there more often from now on, really nice place!

  2. Great pictures here Evelyn! I love the contrast between the concrete with the graffiti and the november trees without leaves. And all in black and white. You have created a very special mood here, I LOVE it!!! :-)
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

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