augarten vienna and its flak towers

for over one year i am living very close to viennas augarten, unfortunately my visits are rare, so this morning i decided to go  there for a walk. two of the 6 flak towers in vienna are located in the augarten (they are a leftover from word war two), they make this place unique and today’s weather and atmosphere were great to take some black & white photos of them.

tree tuesday

i almost forgot about tree tuesday today, but it’s not too late… here are my trees for this week’s tree tuesday!

and again, these photos were taken at the pötzleinsdorfer schlosspark in vienna.


portrait workshop

in october this year i participated in a portrait workshop at the ‘fotoschule wien’. it was my first shooting in a professional studio and it was fun to play around with different light. here are some of the results.


female model: teresa wundsam
male model: leon davies

weekly photo challenge: thankful

although we do not celebrate thanksgiving in austria, there are lots of things i am thankful for, here are the most important ones…

i’m thankful for my famliy and friends who support me in everything i do and i always can count on them.
i’m thankful for so many opportunities i have in life. 
i’m thankful for my past, it made me who i am today.


it was hard for me to find a photo which symbolizes thankful, so i decided to post a green heart

naschmarkt vienna

this afternoon i was at one of my favourite places in vienna, the naschmarkt. the naschmarkt is one of the most famous markets in vienna and i always enjoy being there, it’s offering its visitors tons of lovely food, friendly people, great restaurants and a vivid atmosphere.


nightlight vienna part two

some more pictures from last tuesday’s night shot in vienna


nightlight vienna part one

yesterday evening me and friends went out and took some night shots in vienna. up to now i didn’t have a tripod so this was my first night shoot and i have to admit, i loved it, was real fun to do some experiments with the light and time exposure. i only edited some of them, there are more to come the next few days.

and at this point i’d like to mention my dear friend miaz who inspired me to start this blog, thank you so much!

tree tuesday

a nice blogger invited me yesterday to join tree tuesday. tree tuesday is for tree lovers to express their affection for trees and since i really like trees too, i decided to join tree tuesday, so here are some of my tree pictures. i took all of them in the pötzleinsdorfer schlosspark in vienna

weekly photo challenge: green

today i decided to participate in the weekly photo challenge. this week’s topic is green and it reminds me of grass, nature and summer, so i picked some pictures i took a few months ago in upper austria and a few i took in vienna a couple of weeks ago at the pötzleinsdorfer schlosspark







“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”

Ansel Adams